Best Team Building and Relationship Building Activities

Best Team Building and Relationship Building Activities

Our last post, Are We Really Looking for Team Building?, reflected on the differences between team building and relationship building. By popular demand, we’ve decided to break down some of our activities, to give you a cheat sheet on which ones fit where.

The two terms often get confused and are used interchangeably. While that’s fine if you’re having a general conversation, it’s important to define what you are looking for, so that you can manage expectations with your group, your stakeholders, and your vendors.

Best Team Building Activities:


Best Relationship Building Activities:


Best Hybrid Activities:

While team building activities and relationship building activities have much in common, the goals are different, as are the approach to implementation.

Remember, each activity can be catered to your individual or workplace needs, so this list is not exhaustive – but hopefully it helps!

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