Bike Build

There’s nothing that compares to the joy of getting your first bike as a child. With our Bike Build Activity , your team has the opportunity to create that joy for those who may not otherwise have it. This activity mixes the best of fun, camaraderie, and giving back where it matters most.

During this program, teams compete in various activities to “earn” their bike parts and bike tools. Once everything is acquired, they set out to assemble the bikes. This is an exceptional team building task in and of itself! At the conclusion of the activity, a representative from the local charity is invited to come speak about their organization. Depending on the charity, and when the activity is scheduled, the beneficiaries – the kids themselves – may pay your team a visit to receive their bikes!

Don’t worry – all of the bikes are examined by professional bicycle mechanics before being distributed to the kids. Plus, all the kids get helmets along with their new bikes. We are happy to work with your charity of choice or do the legwork and find one for you.

This program can operate as a stand alone activity, or can be combined with one of our other signature team building programs.

CONTACT US to learn how we can support you in your charitable Bike Build endeavor.